Flute Methods

A Dozen A Day Flute Book/CD

Now these classic warm-up exercises are available for flute too!Complete with audio backing tracks on the included CD, A Dozen A Day for Flute helps develop and maintain good fingering and breathing technique the basis for all good playing. Suddenly flute practice has become more rewarding

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A New Tune A Day for Flute Book 1/CD

C Paul Herfurth's original books have been completely rewritten with new music and the latest in instrumental technique for a new generation of musicians.

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A New Tune A Day for Flute Book 2 Book/CD

Book 2 builds on Book 1 and delivers more advanced technique, repertoire and theory, and all with the great variety of pieces and exercises that are the hallmark of the series.

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A New Tune a Day for Flute Omnibus Book/2CDs

Since it first appeared in the 1930's, the concise, clear content of the best-selling A Tune A Day series has revolutionised music-making in the classroom and the home.

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Abracadabra Flute 3rd Edition Book Only

Fully updated with new material and tunes that beginners really want to play, these tutors are bound to set countless children on a clear path of progress and enjoyment with their chosen instrument.

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Abracadabra Flute 3rd Edition Book/CDs

New edition of bestselling flute tutor, Now with two CDs instead of one, Fresh, contemporary look, and tunes that kids really want to play

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Absolute Beginners Flute Book/CD

Absolute Beginners: Flute uses Step-by-step pictures to take you from first day exercises to playing along with a backing track!

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Celtic Flute Made Easy Book/Audio

Celtic Flute Made Easy is a collection of beautiful songs, airs and dances originating in the musical cultures of Ireland and Scotland.

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English Country Dance Tunes

The tunes are suitable for every instrument associated with traditional music, and only 14 notes are required to play them all.

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First Lessons Flute Book/DVD/CD

Mel Bay's First Lessons Flute is an easy method for beginning players of all ages. From the first tones to a full two-octave chromatic scale, this book, CD, and DVD will introduce the beginner progressively to the foundations of flute playing and musicianship

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