Hammer Dulcimer

'Tis The Season Hammered Dulcimer Collection

'Tis the Season is accessible to all levels of players, including both a beginning "melody-only" version and an intermediate arranged version for each song.

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Bluegrass on Hammered Dulcimer

Bluegrass on Hammered Dulcimer is a collection of tunes commonly found in the standard bluegrass repertoire.

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Celtic Meditations Into The Light

Add a rich overlay of strings, the deep tonal qualities of woodwinds, traditional Celtic and early music instruments and this album will take you into the light.

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Dirt Simple Hammered Dulcimber Book/Audio

The title says it all: "Dirt Simple." This book and accompanying audio are designed for a rank beginner who knows nothing about the hammered dulcimer, providing them the tools to make music right away.

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Embellishments for Hammered Dulcimer Book/CD

This book and accompanying audio present a comprehensive array of ideas intended to add interest and decoration to basic melodies. Mastery of these embellishment techniques will also help in the development of complete arrangements. This project offers some familiar and possibly unfamiliar song titles. The accompanying audio is a valuable tool for learning both the melodies and embellishments, containing two versions of each song.

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First Lessons Hammered Dulcimer Book/Audio

First Lessons Hammered Dulcimer is designed to instruct beginning players on the instrument.

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Hammer Dulcimer DVD

A comprehensive beginner's course on the hammer dulcimer taught by John McCutcheon

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Killer Technique Hammered Dulcimer

Killer Technique: Hammered Dulcimer focuses on dulcimer-specific skills and drills them in using effective and engaging new ways. Targeted areas include dexterity, aim, flow, commonly used percussion rudiments, chords, arpeggios, and chord suffixes.

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Maggie Sansone Celtic Fair for Hammered Dulcimer Book/Audio

An exciting collection of music for the hammered dulcimer as heard on Maggie Sansone's acclaimed recording A Celtic Fair

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The Sandbridge Waltz & Slow Air Collection

This collection is drawn from Ken Kolodner's extensive library of arrangements for the Hammered Dulcimer, developed from over 30 years of teaching thousands of workshops and includes traditional and original waltzes, slow airs, marches and O'Carolan.

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