A Treasury of Hymns and Spirituals for Autoharp

There is a wide selection of hymns in this book, including traditional Hymns of Praise, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Lent. Added to this rich array are the most popular Hymns of Christmastide and a collection of our most beloved Spirituals.

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Autoharp Techniques Bryan Bowers DVD

Brian goes beyond basic autoharp strumming to teach the dynamic song arrangements and solo instrumental styles

RRP £22.95
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Beginning Autoharp Instruction

Students will not only learn to play songs, but learn about the autoharp itself and gain a better understanding of music in the process

RRP £9.50
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Celtic Autoharp Book/Audio

This collection of 35 Celtic tunes represents ten different performance styles from Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany

RRP £13.99
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Complete Book of Traditional Autoharp Picking Styles

This comprehensive text presents all of the strums and techniques needed to play back-up and melody on autoharp

RRP £21.99
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Dirt Simple Autoharp Book/CD

Dirt Simple Autoharp: Book/CD Set is a instrument specific songbook, for beginners, that uses Folk, Bluegrass, Americana and Acoustic type repertoire as the vehicle to help the player learn the basics.

RRP £12.99
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Fun With The Autoharp

A great beginner's autoharp book containing basic technical instruction plus melody lines, chords, and lyrics for 48 folk favorites. Includes information on playing positions, fingering, strumming, glissando playing technique, and more with helpful photographs.

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The Autoharp Owner's Manual

The Autoharp Owner's Manual covers autoharp maintenance, conversions, tuning and string schedules (both diatonic and chromatic), building your own instrument, playing techniques, evaluating instruments, chord bar setups, amplification, history, and much more.

RRP £15.99
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