Flamenco Guitar TAB

Classical and Flamenco Guitar Solos & Etudes Book/Audio/Video

These short, melodic studies will increase your understanding of chord/harmonic shapes, and encompass a variety of styles: vals, classical etudes, malagueña, soleá, rumba, farruca, and bulerías.

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Easy Flamenco Solos Book/Audio

Classical guitarists with 1-2 years of experience will enjoy these challenging exercises and pieces.

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Essential Flamenco Guitar Volume 1 Book/2DVDs

In this easy-to-follow book and DVD set, Juan Martin and Patrick Campbell provide a thorough introduction to flamenco Guitar.

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Essential Flamenco Guitar Volume 2 Book/2DVDs

This second volume continues on with an exploration of further essential rhythmic palos.

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Flamenco Guitar Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book/Audio

This method uses traditional Spanish flamenco song forms and classical pieces to teach you the basics of this style and technique. You'll learn to play in the style of Paco de Lucia, Sabicas, Niño Ricardo and Ramón Montoya.

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Flamenco Guitar Solos TAB Music Book/Audio

This book and CD are made for all aficionados of flamenco Guitar and for guitarists of any other style who enjoy variety in their musical sources. They present ten pieces composed and recorded in the traditional forms of flamenco music, written in notation and tablature.

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Flamenco Music for Acoustic Guitar Book/Audio

This book and audio contains 15 beautiful flamenco guitar solos in notation and tablature written especially for teachers, students and soloists. Flamenco guitar selections you will want in your repertoire for club and concert work.

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Flamenco Studies Juan Serrano

This repertoire allows students to solidify right-hand arpeggios, rasgueados, and picados; and left-hand techniques such as ligados and apagados, while learning valuable repertoire that can be used by the concert artist

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Juan Serrano Falmenco Guitar Solos Book/Audio

This is a superb collection of 8 original flamenco concert guitar solos and two exciting guitar quartets

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Juan Serrano Flamenco Concert Selections Book/Audio

Written in Spanish and English, this book contains 12 of Juan Serrano's finest flamenco guitar solos

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