Acoustic Alternate Tuning

Alternate Tunings for Guitar Book/DVD Set

This bonus pack includes the book Alternate Tunings for Guitar by Richard Maloof which will help you create a variety of new chord & note voicings, emulate the feel of other instruments, make slide guitar easier, and just plain blaze new trails with alternate tunings.

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DADGAD Blues Easy to Intermediate Book/Audio

Rob MacKillop presents 20 wonderful fingerstyle blues arrangements and compositions in DADGAD tuning. The styles covered in this book include country blues, boogie woogie left-hand piano blues, early jazz blues, gut-bucket blues and modal blues

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DADGAD Chords, Scales, and Tuning

This book offers a large number of essential chords and scales for the DADGAD tuning of the guitar

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DADGAD Tuning Book/Audio

DADGAD is rapidly gaining acceptance as the "other standard tuning".

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Easy DADGAD Classics for Acoustic Guitar Book/Audio

Classical music and DADGAD tuning work amazingly well together, as Rob MacKillop's latest book shows. You might be surprised how easy it is to play tunes by Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky and others on the steel-strung acoustic guitar.

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Fingerpicking Delights in Open Tunings Book/3CDs

This book is a collection of seven pieces written with the fingerpicking guitarist in mind. Each piece makes use of an open tuning - either DGDGBD or DGDGBbD - and is presented in both standard notation and tablature.

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Fingerpicking Guitar Solos in Open Tunings Book/3CDs

Twelve tunes arranged for fingerpicking in open tunings. This book contains 3 CDs, each providing an hour of phrase-by-phrase audio instruction. The music is presented in the book in notation and tablature.

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Guide To The Capo Full Size Edition

This Mel Bay Qwikguide begins with basic music theory about scales and keys and teaches how to transpose several songs with and without the capo.

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Just Us Buster B Jones/Book/CD

Just Us is an album consisting largely of his own compositions inspired by his two main guitars "Merle" and "Pearl".

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Martin Simpson Teaches Alternate Tunings Book/DVD

Guitar tab book and DVD package includes transcriptions of Martin's arrangements of classic tunes which he performs on the DVD

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