Drums & Percussion

100 Rock Drum Fills Book/Audio

Have you ever heard an awesome drum fill and found yourself air-drumming it out? Odds are after mastering this book you'll be able to play it!

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100 Tips for Drums Book/CD

Throughout this book, exercises and music examples work in combination with the audio tracks on the CD to help develop your technique and guide you to new, more adventurous avenues of drumming

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101 Breaks Book/CD

This book was written with both beginner and advanced drummers in mind, and is meant to enhance the technical skills of the drummer through melodic breaks (fill-ins) and various drumming techniques.

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20 Short Solos For Timpani

20 Short Solos for Timpani by Keith Bartlett are at advanced level

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24 Snare Drum Solos

24 snare drum solos arranged by internationally acclaimed percussion writer, Joe Maroni.

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30 Day Drum Workout Book/DVD

This enjoyable and challenging exercise routine will not only prepare you for the rigors of contemporary drumming, but it will sharpen your technique as well. An Exercise Plan for Drummers - Book and DVD edition

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30 Day Drum Workout DVD

Packed with two complete 30-day exercise routines, this collection of warm-ups, sticking exercises, polyrhythms and other skill-builders increases coordination, stamina, finesse and sense of time without the tedium of doing the same old routine every day

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50 More Short Pieces For Timpani

50 More Short Pieces For Timpani at Intermediate level (Grades 3-6)

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50 Short Pieces For Timpani

50 Short Pieces For Timpani at Elementary Level (Grades 1-3)

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66 Drum Solos for the Modern Drummer Book/Audio

These solos are designed to help improve you technique, independence, improvisational skills, and reading ability on the drums and at the same time provide you with some cool licks that you can use right away in your own playing.

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