Snare Drum Music Books

24 Snare Drum Solos

24 snare drum solos arranged by internationally acclaimed percussion writer, Joe Maroni.

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ASAP Rudimental Drumming DVD

Bart Robley teaches basic rudiments essential for every drummer.

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Accents and Rebounds for the Snare Drummer Revised Edition

George Lawrence Stone’s Accents and Rebounds, the follow-up to the classic Stick Control, builds on the basics with accent routines and more advanced rhythms to improve the player’s finesse and control.

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Claus Hessler's Camp Duty Update Book/MP3CD

Claus focuses on the world of rudiments, including their historical background, the European roots of the art of drumming and its export to the New World, and stylistic interpretation

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Complete Music for Fife and Drum Book/Audio

A collection of 78 tunes containing some Civil War selections as well as many other traditional favorites. Each arrangement features harmony, style marks and guitar chords.

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Day Rudimental Solos

As the title suggests, the solos in this collection were written in the span of one day. While never the intent, they developed quickly as they took their final form. The five solos in the collection explore a variety of styles and rudiments including rolls, triplets, varying tempos, and meters

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Drum Rudiment Chart with CD

This rudiment chart is great for daily warm-ups, and also an excellent reference for intermediate and advanced players; it can be used as a supplement to every drum method book.

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Drum Rudiments Chart

An invaluable reference guide for drummers of all genres, this Snare Drum Rudiments Chart features the 40 international drum rudiments with a short description and the pattern in drum notation

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Drumnastics 320 Exercises for Snare Drum

320 Exercises for Snare Drum. In this book, you will find a series of rhythmic patterns (motifs), each of which is followed by eight lines of musical exercises in which that rhythmic motif is incorporated

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Dynamic Duets for Snare Drum

This collection of 15 beginning duets contains an entertaining variety of performance pieces aimed at nurturing a musical approach to snare drumming

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