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100 Blues Lessons Keyboard Book/2CDs

100 Blues Lessons includes 12-bar blues, 8-bar blues, 16-bar blues; right-hand fills, left-hand patterns; stylings of the great blues pianists; chord voicings; dominant 7th chords, dominant 9th chords and much more

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100 Chirstmas Carols PVG

All the carols you love in one convenient collection

RRP £8.95
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100 Country Lessons Keyboard Book/2CDs

100 Country Lessons includes the Floyd Cramer Slip-Note Technique; left-hand comping styles; special techniques; blues scales, pentatonic scales, et. al.; the country ballad and much more

RRP £18.95
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100 Jazz Lessons Keyboard Book/2CDs

100 Jazz Lessons contains scales, modes and progressions; Latin jazz styles; improvisation ideas; harmonic voicings; advice on building your chops and much more

RRP £18.95
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100 Kids Songs Mini EZ Play Today

Mini E-Z Play Today songbooks contain all of the favourites found in the wildly popular E-Z Play Today series, with melody line, lyrics and chords featuring handy note names in the note heads - all in an easily portable 6x9 package.

RRP £10.99
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100 Most Gorgeous Songs Ever PVG

100 Most Gorgeous Songs Ever contains some of the world's most beautiful ballads arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar.

RRP £18.99
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100 Rock Lessons Keyboard Book/2CDs

100 Rock Lessons explains chords, scales and progressions; comping basics; bass lines and right-hand fills; electronic Keyboards; recording tips and much more

RRP £18.95
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100 Tips for Keyboards Book/CD

This book takes the lid off the Keyboard to provide a complete guide to getting the best music out of your instrument

RRP £9.99
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101 Acoustic Hits for Buskers

This comprehensive songbook contains 101 acoustic classics by artists ranging from the Beatles and Joan Baez to KT Tunstall and Jeff Buckley. All your favourite songs are arranged with lyrics, melody and chord boxes, in a ring-bound, conveniently-sized book that can be used for gigs, practise or just for fun

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101 Popular Songs Easy Piano Collection

101 Popular Songs For Piano contains standards that have endured the test of time because of their accessibility and quality.

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